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If you’re in the Visalia, CA, area and looking for a reliable used Truck dealer, look no further than 100Trucks. Our dealership offers Nationwide Shipping and a vast selection of pre-owned trucks in our showroom, including popular options like the Ram 1500. Plus, we’re proud to offer some of the most competitive used car prices in the area.

At 100Trucks, we understand that financing can be a stressful part of the car-buying process. That’s why we’re a no credit car dealership, committed to providing convenient and affordable financing options. We offer historically low interest rates and work hard to provide the best car financing terms possible. You can even get pre-approved online before coming into our dealership to shop our extensive used truck inventory. So why wait? Visit 100Trucks near Visalia today and let us help you get behind the wheel of your dream truck.

Used Ram 1500 Inventory

Located near Visalia, CA, 100Trucks is committed to providing drivers with a vast inventory of pre-owned trucks. Our dealership offers a variety of high-quality used Ram 1500 trucks to fit any budget. You can trust that each of our used trucks undergoes a meticulous detailing process and a comprehensive 156-point inspection before arriving on the lot for your viewing pleasure.

At 100Trucks, we have a range of popular options available, such as the Ram 1500. Our dealership also boasts the most competitive used car prices in the county. Apply for Pre-Approval for your dream truck online at any time, or contact 100Trucks of Bakersfield, CA, to learn more about our hassle-free nationwide shipping options.

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Auto Financing At 100Trucks

At 100Trucks near Visalia, CA, we pride ourselves on being a no-credit automobile dealership that offers exceptional financing terms and impressively low interest rates, including competitive rates for used vehicle loans. We’re committed to delivering convenient, budget-friendly auto financing, including the chance to get pre-approved online. Our team of financial specialists is ready to assist you in securing a used truck loan from our showroom as soon as possible.

Thanks to our enduring partnerships with a variety of lenders, we’re able to consistently locate the most advantageous auto loan rates and terms for you, regardless of your credit history or financial status. Discover more about our first-time car buyer program or explore bad credit car loan options at 100Trucks near Visalia, CA. Don’t hesitate to browse our Used Ram 1500 Inventory today.

Trade-in Your Current Vehicle

At 100Trucks, a pre-owned truck dealership near Visalia, CA, we’re eager to purchase or trade a wide variety of vehicles such as cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and more. If you have a used vehicle to sell, we at 100Trucks are committed to presenting you with the most competitive offer while ensuring a fair market value for your trade-in.

Take advantage of our no-commitment Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer to obtain a trade-in assessment for any vehicle you’re considering selling in just a matter of minutes. Once you complete the form, our specialists will arrange a vehicle evaluation to present you with a final proposal and ultimately relieve you of your used vehicle.


Why Buy From 100Trucks near Visalia, CA?

100Trucks, located near Visalia, CA, is a reputable dealer specializing in used trucks and no credit car sales. Boasting an impressive inventory of pre-owned trucks, 100Trucks offers Nationwide Shipping and the most competitive prices for used vehicles in Tulare County. Our dedicated finance team is committed to securing the most favorable financing terms and rates for you, including attractive used car loan rates. Furthermore, 100Trucks consistently aims to offer you an equitable market value for your trade-in. You can get pre-approved online or come to 100Trucks near Visalia, CA, to begin your vehicle purchase journey today.